Improve online marketing effectiveness by using social intelligence

E-Marketing spend optimiser

For a large financial institution PA has used social intelligence to gain insights in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. For a financial institutions we analysed social sentiment on social and marketing campaigns to define which efforts have the largest conversion rates.

The challenge

How PA helped

Using PA's data mining capabilities we are able to link online advertising channels (banner, social media, SEO, SEA etc.) with back-end transaction systems. This results in a clear sales funnel for each product. This fact-based cost per sale gives you the insights needed to optimise your marketing portfolio mix. Doing, so we are able to improve the online marketing budget allocation.

Benefit for the clients

As a result we have optimised the cost per lead / order insights on Marketing Investments and reduced marketing spend per order (CPO) and realised a higher Return on Marketing Investments. Sales conversion increased up to 20% and the sales and marketing departments is more aligned.