Predict the Next Best Question for individual clients

Next best question predictor

One of the largest pension providers globally asked PA Consulting for help in discovering and unlocking new potential to improve their customer service. The challenge that was laid out, was to predict the Next Best Question for individual clients. There are solutions available, which extrapolate a next question based on previous questions, however these have obvious limitations. For a client that has not asked much before, it is unlikely that the Next Best Question can be predicted, and when a client's situation changes one might even anticipate the wrong question!

The challenge

How PA helped

To improve on this, a Big Data and Analytics approach was chosen, as it is not hard to imagine that someone who is divorced may have specific questions, but validating this only becomes straightforward once all relevant data is put together. Within a very short time an internal Big Data platform was set up and data came flowing in from all directions. By using powerful algorithms, it was possible to correctly predict the Next Best Question for most customers, and identify why these questions were asked.

Benefit for the clients

These findings have already been used in a pilot to proactively contact people, and with great results. Further applications are pending, but looking ahead one quietly wonders: what will we discover next?