Predicting Demand and Prioritise High Potential Prospects

Sales navigator

One of the biggest employment companies was struggling with an unsatisfied sales hit rate from their salesforce. They weren't able to predict demand and prioritize their high potential prospects to place employees, leading to a low sales effectiveness and efficiency.

The challenge

How PA helped

In order to determine how the right prospects could be filtered from internal and external sources, multiple business rules were created that served as variables for the algorithm. By weighting the different business rules in an algorithm we were able to implement a 5-star rating system that prioritizes high potential sales prospects. The sales navigator was deployed and used by 20 sales employees in reaching out to their contacts. Results were captured to keep optimising the algorithm.

Benefit for the clients

Companies with the highest score turned up on top of the calling list, leading to an increased hit rate of the salesforce. In addition, we measured a significant increase in employee satisfaction while using the sales navigator.