Innovation & Development

Art of Possible - Pressure Cooker

Anyone interested in applying Big Data (advanced analytics, predictive analytics, ...) in their business.

Aimed at:

Delivery method:

Presentations and (facilitated) brainstorm sessions intertwined


Required preparation:



3-4 hours



Skill level:

Prefered group size:

12-20 participants

Course description

A pressure cooker is aimed at inspiring and kick starting data science projects ('killer cases'). Participants get acquainted with typical big data solutions, and are inspired with projects that have already been done and that they can relate to. Next, they brainstorm about potential killer cases in their own organisation. After the brainstorm, they take a short dip in the technical world of data science, before brainstorming on the prerequisites (hypotheses, data sources, people/capabilities, organisation). People leave the pressure cooker inspired, with a 'we can start tomorrow' mindset.

Learning objective

Upon completion of this training, participants have a good understanding of what Big Data can do for their business, and will have distinguished the most promising opportunities within their business, as well as a basic outline of the prerequisites.