AI & Analytics

Bayesian statistics

Aspiring Data Scientists with a wish to deepdive on the most important technologies.

Aimed at:

Delivery method:

Interactive classroom training combining theory with practical exercises


Required preparation:

Basic knowledge of (frequentist) statistics

Bring a laptop with RStudio installed

2-3 hours



Skill level:

Prefered group size:

8 participants per trainer (scalable)

Course description

The standard way of hypothesis testing relies on the so-called frequentist approach, using t-statistics and p-values for statistical inference. Yet this approach is misleading, and suffers from problems of interpretation. Bayesian methods of statistical inference circumvent these problems, and allow for a much richer interpretation of statistical results. We will discuss the differences in approaches in the simplest of settings (mean group comparisons) and apply it using JAGS and R.

Learning objective

Upon completion of this training, participants will have a thorough understanding of significance calculations, and will be able to apply bayesian methods in a realistic scenario.