Innovation & Development

SAFe advanced Scrum Master

Software developers, data scientists, project managers, product managers and other practitioners involved in data and software development.

Aimed at:

Delivery method:

Interactive classroom training combining theory with practical exercises. Formal certification follows after exam.


Required preparation:



2 days



Skill level:

Prefered group size:

15 participants

Course description

This course prepares Scrum Masters for their leadership role in facilitating Agile team, program, and enterprise success in a SAFe implementation. The course covers facilitation of cross-team interactions in support of the program execution and relentless improvement. The course offers actionable tools for building high-performing teams and explores practical ways of addressing Agile and Scrum anti-patterns in the enterprise.

Learning objective

Apply SAFe principles to facilitation, enablement, and coaching in the multi-team environment; build a high-performing team and foster relentless improvement at the team and program levels; address Agile and Scrum anti-patterns; support the adoption of engineering practices, DevOps, and Agile architecture; apply Kanban and flow to optimize the team�s work; facilitate program planning, execution, and delivery of end-to-end systems value; support learning through participation in Communities of Practice and innovation cycles.