PA's Data Digital Accelerator approach drives out benefits in 6 to 8 weeks

Fundamentals of the PA approach

PA has developed a Data Digital Accelerator approach that helps clients successfully overcome the challenges the post digital era brings. From a basic but thorough scan to assess where organisations stand in the field of data, all the way to driving success by implementing insightful “Killer Cases”, PA provides the tools and answers to continually develop as an organisation in these disruptive times.

The complete aproach can be found the an PDF file:


Data Services Principles ingrained in the PA approach

Every data service journey is different, but these data principles are the common forces in all the data-driven transformation work that we do: Our data services approach is a process of continuous learning (i.e. grow as you go) to incrementally develop a sustainable business. Innovations are customer-led and demand data management in the way they are brought to life. Unconstraint thinking allows to reimagine the way you do business and can lead to incremental improvements or radical reinvention of business models. Either way, decisions are made based on facts through data-driven insights. Cross-functional collaboration is at the core of how we work together and allows us to rapidly deliver change.


DREAM about your data ambitions. Define your business needs and assess the maturity of your organisation against your ambition. This identifies the gap and roadmap to reach the desired maturity. Also, during pressure cooker sessions you come up with new innovative ideas, that will kick start your data driven transformation.


DEFINE the first killer cases. Using the roadmap, prioritise the killer cases on effort and value. Challenge them by defining clear hypotheses that can be tested in the Discovery phase. The result is a prioritised list of killer cases.


DISCOVER the value of your data with open source tools and advanced data techniques. In agile sprints we iterate loading data, analysing and improving the algorithm or model. This phase is the core engine in the data driven innovation accelerator, as this is where the value is created. Working in small teams we train people on the job.


DEPLOY your innovations. Successful killer cases result in algorithms or models. Within this phase the data innovation is integrated within the organization and becomes the new way of working. Think of creating the end-solution by designing, building and testing the application or functionality and training people on the job to use it.


DRIVE your data driven transformation. Using the successes of the killer cases, this phase is the catalyst of change that your organisation needs to truly become a data driven organisation. The technology and insights alone won´t make it happen, it´s the people and organisation around those that need to embrace the new enablers of innovation.