DATA ARCHITECTURE | Deliver sustainable value through design of a data landscape



Modern data architecture landscape needs to meet a number of key objectives:





  •Managed & secured 

•Privacy by design



•Robust & efficient



In order to modernize your data landscape we take the following three steps:

1.  Define

Using one or more uses cases, we will define the characteristics and specifications of the available data. As a result, we can define which architecture components need to be installed and set the requirements for the initial data platform

2. Design

We will help you build capabilities around the data platform, w.r.t:





3. Deliver

Setting up a fully functioning data platform and support capabilities takes a lot of time and effort. We will help you start small, set up the initial technology components and the supporting capability improvements for a fully functioning minimum viable product (MVP). Using the ‘grow as you go’ concept, your data platform and its capabilities will grow when they are used by your business



• Data architecture, driven by business value for short and long term

• Insight into next gen principles, roles, tools and developments in the data architecture landscape 

• Future proof and realistic to-be state and concrete roadmap


Human Capital


Afbeelding1 trackrecord.png

Technology Platform Architecture

From a hotchpotch of data warehouse and big data platforms, we coached a staffing agency towards a full stack data lake in the cloud

Data Lake Architecture

With upcoming influx of real-time data from floor and on-line, we designed and demoed a big data, streaming platform