DATA FACTORY  | Disruption becomes the norm if you build your data factory



Making data really work for the organisation requires more than ‘just’ deploying data innovations in a production environment. The data factory provides an ecosystem and methodology to stream line data innovations in the organisation, using proven methods and accelerators to help you orchestrate multi-speed data driven initiatives that have real business value. The data & analytics factory can be shaped in a way that challenges and suits your organisational structure (e.g. centralised/decentralised, local/global) with maximum flexibility and agility.


A set of capabilities enable the data factory. Running the chosen operating model requires a certain maturity of capabilities in terms of Organisation, people, data and technology:


Our data factory approach covers:

• the data services that need to be delivered

• the capabilities that need to be brought in place around data, in terms       of organisation, people, process and technology

• building on a data-driven culture in the organisation

• a maturity model to gradually build and grow the data factory.



• A runway to bring data innovations from idea to benefits realization

• Integration of data innovations in the business whilst managing active re-use of resources, tools & knowledge.

• Driving a data driven culture in the organization, allowing the business to feel the power of data innovations


Financial Services

Human Capital

Afbeelding1 trackrecord.png

One Lab

We supported Rabobank in developing a shared capability for data innovations, based on a hub-and-spoke organisation model

Digital Factory

We helped Randstad implementing the required data capabilities to maximise business value from data