DATA INNOVATION | Drive for immediate value out of data innovations



Companies can be locked into internal processes and behaviours while value of data lies unlocked. They may miss-out on key patterns that would enable process and product innovations.

The ‘Pressure Cooker’ workshop is a time-boxed ideation session in which PA helps clients to solve complex business challenges inspired by data driven innovations across sectors and key developments in the external environment. We agree the data vision and help select the most viable ideas to design into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to make direct impact.


Continuous exploration of data-driven ideas is required to develop proven services. Driving this innovation heartbeat can be challenging for many organisations working hard just to keep up.

The data killer case approach develops showcases that is blending design thinking (for customer centricity), lean start-up (for fact-based experimentation) and agile (for heartbeat discipline). This approach demands cross-functional team collaboration and empowers participants with a proven playbook, state of the art methods and access to PA´s network of experts.

Under the motto “Show. Do. Monitor.” we work in blended teams to ensure this way of working sticks with our client so they can continue delivering data innovation after we are gone.




• Quickly identify your most pressing data challenges

• Explicitly link business challenges to a tangible vision

• Definition of one, or more, minimal viable products (MVPs) that have a significant potential ROI


Human Capital


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Sales Navigator

Using historical data and current vacancies, we built a model that predicts prospects that will buy from you - today

Golden Batch

Using multi-year sensor data and Deep Learning, we found optimal settings for a machine, reducing rejects with 20%