DATA MANAGEMENT | Set delivery pace by pragmatically organizing data



Data Management serves as a critical foundation to become a leading insight driven organisation. It enables data users to retrieve, access and use data across the organisation. 


In order to optimally serve the business, it has to be built around the following four principles:

• User centric

• Automated 

• Service any data

• Security


NextGen Data Management is a PA proprietary methodology to adequately organise data across the organization in a user centric way to set the delivery pace and deliver value right from the first stages. 


The approach is based on three pillars:


• Users: We start with identification of business use case, by defining and prioritising use cases for different data users and producers.

• Services: From the user stories, we define what the data services should look like and where emphasis should be put.

• Capabilities: The required services define the different data capabilities that need to be developed, as well as the order in which this should be done. We address data management features to grow capabilities in people, process, technology and organisation



• Benefits driven approach to data management, enabling early success and strong business engagement

• High pace of implementation of data management features, through an agile delivery approach

• Roadmap brings clarity when different data management features will be developed and deployed in the organisation

• Quality assurance through use of technology and focus on limited set of (data management) tools


Financial Services

Life Science

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Next Gen Data Management

Data Management Strategy

PA supported in co-creating a compelling Data Management vision with their OpCo’s based upon Next Gen principles 

We developed a data management strategy and roadmap for modern, user centric data services to lead the market