DATA STRATEGY | Pull away from legacy with clear vision and direction



In a digital world, data is a strategic asset. Data-driven organisations use data as an asset to create value for their customers and, in doing so, position themselves as future winners in a fast-evolving and increasingly complex business environment.

However, many organisations struggle where to start fulfilling their data driven ambitions, often due to a lack of insight and vision as to which parts of the organisation should be prioritised for improvement.


Dream about your data ambitions and align them to your business strategy in order to achieve your business goals. Define your business needs and assess the maturity of your organisation against your ambition. This identifies the gap and roadmap to reach the desired maturity. Our Data Strategy scan helps you to determine how data driven your organisation is and to start developing a strategy to become a truly data-driven organisation. The scan assesses your organisation’s current maturity level in four key areas: organisation, processes, technology and people.


Also, during pressure cooker sessions you come up with new innovative ideas (killer cases), that will kick start your data driven transformation. Define and prioritise these killer cases on effort and value. Challenge them by making clear hypotheses that will be tested in execution along the roadmap.



• Insight into current state of data maturity 

• Alignment of business strategy to data strategy

• Empowering vision and concrete strategy to drive data driven adoption across the organisation

• Focused steps on the roadmap towards effective data transformation


Human capital

Life science

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Data Driven Way of Working

PA co-built the strategy for a human capital organisation to transform to a Data Driven Way of Working to cope with the new realities in the staffing market

Data Vision & Strategy

We helped a international life science organisation to develop a vision, strategy and concrete roadmap for modern, user centric data services to lead the market