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Our world today is as digital as ever. Disruptive data technologies – such as artificial intelligence and machine learning – give rise to new business opportunities, revolutionizing how organisations engage with customers, compete and grow in the market. Organisations have many ideas for potential data innovations, but often find it difficult to navigate through the evolving technology landscape. In addition, mobilizing the right capabilities and resources to explore these ideas often takes much time and effort, or may simply lack, impeding organisations to realise these innovations. 


To help you successfully drive innovation and market disruption, we provide an end-to-end expertise from innovation design and product development to UX design and data engineering in our iLab.


The iLab provides a fully operational data lab for rapid prototyping of data innovation. The lab provides all capabilities to give you the ability to tap into a wealth of experience and expertise needed to deliver prototypes, in a dedicated environment, easy and fast to use. Concrete outputs are:

   • New disruptive technologies to support business processes

   • Data driven business models

   • Action-oriented insights to successfully implement strategy



• Smarter, faster development for less time and money

• Instantaneous access to a highly experienced and diverse team of true experts

• High-end hardware capabilities to develop and research new solutions with complete security

• Realised prototype in 3-6 weeks time



Financial Services

Afbeelding1 trackrecord.png

Seat Finder

Off a host on sensors in and around trains, we can now predict likelihood for a seat when the train leaves the platform

Floor Occupancy Monitor

From camera and wifi information, we can now estimate the current occupancy of every corner of a large office building