In a digital world, data is a strategic asset. Data-driven organisations use data as an asset to create value for their customers and, in doing so, position themselves as future winners in a fast-evolving and increasingly complex business environment. 

data management wheel

The reality though is that many organisations struggle to understand where the untapped potential in their data lies. PA’s Data-Driven Organisation scan helps you to determine how data driven your organisation is and to start developing a strategy to become a truly data-driven organisation. 

The scan assesses your organisation’s current maturity level in four key areas: organisation, data management processes, technology and people. It also highlights the capabilities your organisation needs to develop to overcome its data challenges and make better use of data to create value for customers and other stakeholders. 

It facilitates a strategic dialogue about the value of your data and to make the required capabilities to grasp it explicit.

To give a sneak preview what you can expect from PA's data management scan, there is a online version available. This scan is just a view from one role with a limited number of elements.

While the complete scan contains of five different roles around data management with specific questions around 50 data management best practices. 

The online scan will take just 2 minutes to complete. 


Are you using your organisation’s data to its fullest potential?