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Our services help you grow your Data Driven Organisation, while you go...
Think big

“Think Big” is about identifying candidate problems and opportunities, setting the vision, and working swiftly to explore, identify, and collate the kind of sources of data that we might use to realize that vision. We identify new, data driven business models, we assess maturity level and secure the Data & Analytics strategy and roadmap. We lay the foundations for greatness without getting lost by the scale of the task.

Our services around 'Think big' :

  • Data strategy & architecture; envision your data-drive organisation

  • Data maturity scan; assess your capabilities that enable the transformation

Start small

"Start Small" is about demonstrating the potential of Data Digital innovation by showing immediate results. Our hand-on approach is what makes us unique. We prove early value in digital transformation and investment by working on a small case, learning fast from users, and adapting quickly.


Our services around 'Start small':

  • Pressure cooker; 'Art of the Possible' identiy your oportunities for data innovation.

  • Prototyping platform; explore and rapidly validate hypotheses in a sandbox environment.

  • Data killer case solution; create business value from data in 6-8 weeks.

  • Analytics platform (exploit); set up the technology to become data driven.

Scale fast

“Scale Fast” is about deploying proven MVPs and make them sustainable, transforming at the enterprise level and building your digital capabilities. Data migration, ongoing data management, capabilities around data science and visualisation are all essential areas that need to be in place to deliver a longer term data strategy. We also offer managed operations for platforms and services including optimisation of spend and performance alongside analytics managed services.

Our services about 'Scale fast':

  • Data driven training & leaderschip; train your staff to become data-driven growth specialists

  • Data & analytics Lab; create a central hub for data innovation and value creation

  • Data management & platform; scale your new way of working across the organisation

  • Data & analytics factory; scale your data capability and become truly data-drive